Cultural Events

The visitors can not only visit the castle where they can learn about the history out of various expositions but they can also get entertained during cultural events. The Loket castle cultural programme offers entertainment for children as well as for adults.


The visitors can enjoy famous evening or night theatre plays where all the castle surroundings become a stage to actors.

Weekend events

The Feast of Knights that takes place in Loket castle during the second June weekend, the Vintage during the first October weekend and Christmas Market during the second weekend of December are the main cultural events of the Loket castle.

Knight festivities

During the second June weekend, the life in Loket castle turns to Middle-Ages, with its knightly tournaments on horses, dancers and Gothic music, with parade of regent and burgrave. Flag-bearers and buglers perform their arts, hunters and their eagles and falcons show their skills. The visitors can taste contemporary meals and traditional mead, all in majestic surroundings of Gothic castle.


During the first October weekend, the Loket castle fills with wine and music. Our friends from Moravia and also Czech wine areas serve their delicious wine, at the sound of Moravian dulcimer and Czech folklore music.

Christmas markets

The Loket castle turns into a magical place during the second weekend of December. Visitors can forget daily bustle and enjoy carol singing and the creche. The view of snow-covered castle caresses the soul, the visitors can also taste traditional Christmas meals and hot drinks. The vendors are ready to help with choosing the right and original Christmas present.

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