Weddings and Lease


Out of the Eastern Wing, the Ceremony Chamber can be reached. The chamber is decorated by well-preserved murals picturing guards and a detail of castle main gate at the beginning of 17 century. The ceiling is decorated with painted lock tiling. On the walls, historical portraits can be seen. The Loket castle offers four possibilities of the wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Chamber

Exceptional Moments, Exceptional Place Basic Version

The ceremony duration is app. 20 minutes. The officials are dressed according to medieval habits. The newly-weds will get 2 gothic chalices and a commemorative deed. The ceremony is underlined by reproduced historical music.

Price CZK 6.000 Book your Day

When a Genuine Knight Gets Married Possibility I

The ceremony takes about 45 minutes, the basic ceremony of full range is enriched by the knight performance. The wedding ceremony is welcomed at the castle gate by the Lord of Castle and they are further accompanied by the knight entourage to the Ceremony Chamber. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests can enjoy the knight performance and the entourage will escort the wedding procession back to the castle gate. The ceremony itself is underlined by reproduced historical music.

Price CZK 10.600 Book your Day

Music of True Bards Possibility II

Wedding ceremony of possibility I in full range, with live historical-music performance.

Price CZK 12.000 Book your Day

Medieval Wedding as It Should Be Possibility III

Wedding ceremony of possibility II in full range, with swordsmen and musician performances (app. 90 min.), in the castle Knight Hall where seating at large tables is available. After the performance, the knight entourage accompanies the wedding procession to the castle gate.

Price CZK 17.000 Book your Day

What You Will Need

All information on documentation needed for wedding can be found with Loket Municipality, contact person: Ms. Horackova. Phone: +420 352 359 731,

Wedding Days in 2024

January 5.
February 9.
March 8.
April 5.
May 17.
June 14., 28.
July 19., 26.
August 2., 9.
September 6., 20.
Října 18.
November 15.
December 6.

Leasing the Halls

Ceremony Hall

We can lease the Ceremonial Hall for wedding or ceremonial feasts, concerts or theatre performances.

Ceremony Hall

Capacity of the Hall

Ceremonious dinnerup to 80 people
Banquetup to 120 people
Concertup to 120 people

Lease Fee

1 hour3.500—6.000 CZK
1 evening12.000—20.000 CZK
1 day20.000—40.000 CZK

Ceremony Chamber

Ceremony Chamber

Mural Hall

Mural Hall

Exposition of Arms

Muzeum zbraní

Capacity of Ceremony Hall, Mural Hall and Arm Exposition Hall

Ceremonious dinnerup to 160 people
Banquetup to 350 people

Lease Fee

1 hour6.000—15.000 CZK
1 evening30.000—70.000 CZK
1 day70.000—150.000 CZK

The fee depends on the possible limitation for castle visitors and on the chosen period.

Bookings and Detailed Information

Phone: +420 352 684 155