Hrad Loket

Torture and the Rotunda


Torture – a way to force a confession from the accused. It had several levels. The verbal deterrent (territio verbalis) was one of the lightest.

The cruelest strategy was torture using the instruments of torture. A number of torture strategies are colourfully described in the book„Malleus Maleficarum“ – the Czech translation „Kladivo na čarodějnice“, published by the Catholic Inquisiton. Moving, life-sized figures show you several methods of torture accompanied by hair-raising, agonizing sound effects.


The Castle Rotunda

The castle rotunda (capella castri) was founded by the end of the 12thcentury as a  selfstanding building in the north-east part of the original fortress. Until 1966, when it was discovered, it had been hidden in the staircase of the North Palace. It is quite small having only 3.6 m in the internal diameter.